Pilar Cristi. Photographer. Artist. Explorer. 

Pilar combines her artistic and creative background as a graphic designer for a leading motorsports company with her love of capturing time and telling stories through a lens.

Pilar was born and raised in Santiago, Chile where her love for various forms of art originated. During a trip to Paris, she found overwhelming inspiration to travel around the world capturing her surroundings. Her travels have since taken her throughout Europe, North Africa, Central and South America. Back home in California, her passion for photography has her exploring abandoned ghost mining towns and backpacking pristine High Sierra wilderness and remote landscapes.

Haunted by the awe of urban decay, ominous skies and tall peaks, photography feeds her hunger for the unknown and a desire to bring the world with her. She spends her spare time painting and strolling the beaches of her hometown of Laguna Beach where she now lives with her husband and their beloved Yorkie, Cosita.